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Discover the diverse flavors of international cuisine at ADMomos. We offer a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes, from traditional Momos to savory Seafood delights.

Introducing Our Culinary Haven

About Our Culinary Adventure

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Welcome to ADMomos, where we craft delectable fast food that perfectly balances speed and taste. We pride ourselves on serving up flavorsome dishes that keep our customers coming back for more.

Our commitment to quality and convenience defines ADMomos. With a focus on delivering mouthwatering meals efficiently, we aim to be the go-to destination for those seeking a flavorful culinary experience.

Our Culinary Journey Begins

The ADMomos Legacy

In 2020, Deepak Vishwakarma founded ADMomos with a vision of offering healthy and quality international cuisine. Since then, we have grown to 11 locations, staying true to our commitment.

The journey of ADMomos has been one of passion for food and dedication to customer satisfaction. With each new restaurant opening, we continue to delight customers with our culinary expertise.

Types of Dishes
Happy Clients
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Our Founder

Deepak Vishwakarma

AD MOMOS is a new fast-casual restaurant & Kiosks chain that offers a wide range of international cuisine, such as Momos, Noodles, Curry, Sea Food and more. It was founded by the DEEPAK VISHWAKARMA, who has always strived to offer healthy and quality food. This way, you can enjoy your meal at any time, with no hasslesrelated to cooking or preparation.DEEPAK VISHWAKARMA first opened AD MOMOS in 2020 and it has been a belovedrestaurant for the community ever since. Till now, AD MOMOS have opened 11restaurants and strives to offer quality food that is nutritious and healthy, allat an affordable price. AD MOMOS offers a variety of dishes includingIndian, Thai, Chinese, Street Food and more! (Pan Asian Cuisine Available)

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