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Discover a variety of mouth-watering dishes that will leave you craving for more. Each item on our menu is crafted with care and passion.

Tikki Burger₹60
Tikki Cheese Burger₹90
Tikki Paneer Burger₹90
Tikki Tandoori Burger₹90
Tikki Schezwan Burger₹90
Tikki Maxican Burger₹90
Tikki Classic Burger₹90
Tandoori Cheese Burger₹110
Maggi & Pasta
Plain Maggi₹60
Veggie Butter Maggi₹80
Cheese Veggie Maggi₹80
Paneer Veggie Butter Maggi₹120
Plain Pasta₹60
Butter Pasta₹80
Cheese Veggie Pasta₹90
Garlic Bread
Cheese Garlic Bread₹80
Onion Garlic Bread₹90
Cheese Chili Garlic Bread₹100
Cheese Corn Garlic Bread₹110
Supreme Garlic Bread₹130
American Garlic Bread₹140
Spring Roll
Veg. Spring Roll₹80
Open Cheese Spring Roll₹100
Cheese Corn Roll₹120
Noodles Spring Roll₹110
Cheesy Ball₹120
Steam Momos
Regular Veg Momos₹90
Veg Noodles Momos₹100
Veg Paneer Momos₹130
Veg Cheese Momos₹140
Cheese Corn Momos₹150
Paneer Tikka Momos₹140
Spicy Schezwan Momos₹110
Cheesy Baked Momos
Regular Veg Momos₹149
Veg Noodles Momos₹149
Veg Paneer Momos₹189
Veg Cheese Momos₹199
Cheese Corn Momos₹210
Punjabi Samosa₹60
Paneer Samosa₹100
Mexican Somosa₹100
Americn Somosa₹100
Steam Bao Bun
Veg Juicy Bao₹80
Butter Veggie Bao₹90
Cheese Veggie Bao₹120
Tandoori Paneer Bao₹120
Schezwan Veg Bao₹120
Mexican Juicy Bao₹130
Italian Juicy Bao₹130
Open Bao BunGrill
Vada Open Bao₹60₹70
Vada Cheese Open Bao₹80₹90
Vada Paneer Open Bao₹90₹100
Tandoori Veggie Open Bao₹90₹100
Sezwan Veggie Open Bao₹80₹90
Mexican Open Bao₹90₹100
Italian Open Bao₹100₹100
Plain GrillCheese Grill
Aloo Matar Sandwich₹60₹80
American Veggie mayo₹80₹100
Afghani Paneer Roast₹90₹110
Classic Veggie Tandoori₹90₹110
Margherita Pizza₹120
Paneer Tandoori Pizza₹150
Street Style Italian Pizza₹150
All Mexican Pizza₹130
Spicy Maharaja Pizza₹140
American Garden Pizza₹140
Veg Manchurian Frankie₹80
Veg Paneer Frankie₹100
Chinese Manchurian Frankie ₹100
Veg Cheese Manchurian Frankie₹100
Veg Cheese Paneer Frankie₹120
Chinese Cheese Manchurian Frankie₹130
French Fries
Simply Salted Fries₹80
Chaat Masala Fries₹90
Peri Peri Fries₹100
Chilli Garlic Fries₹110
Masala Fries Cheesy₹130
Fry Momos
Deep FryPen Fry
Regular Veg Momos₹100₹110
Veg Noodles Momos₹110₹120
Veg Paneer Momos₹140₹150
Veg Cheese Momos₹150₹160
Cheese Corn Momos₹160₹170
Kurkure Veg Momos$100
Dry Gravy Momos
Schezwan Peri PeriTandoori
Regular Veg Momos₹120₹130₹140
Veg Noodles Momos₹130₹140₹150
Veg Paneer Momos₹150₹160₹170
Veg Cheese Momos₹160₹180₹190
Cheese Corn Momos₹180₹190₹200
Pen Fry Bao Bun
Veg Juicy Bao₹100
Butter Veggie Bao₹110
Cheese Veggie Bao₹140
Tandoori Paneer Bao₹140
Schezwan Veg Bao₹140
Mexican Juicy Bao₹150
Italian Juicy Bao₹150
Cold Coffee
Cold Coffee₹70
Bournvita With Topping₹80
Kitkat Shake₹100
Oreo Milk Shake₹110
SPL. C.C. Shake₹150

Satisfy Your Cravings with our combo offer


2 Veg. + 2 Cheese + 2 Paneer Momos Deep Fry(6Piece) ₹160/-


2 Veg. + 2 Cheese + 2 Paneer Momos Steamed(6Piece) ₹150/-

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